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about me

Musician   |   Sound designer   |   Composer

I graduated in 2015 with a M.Mus. in classical guitar. I had the honour of studying with the great M°A.Minella and after my degree I attended various masterclasses and I received a Diploma of Merit.

I also studied composition and learned to work with softwares for audio. I regularly attend training courses to improve my skills and know-how. I am an Avid certified Pro Tools operator for post production. Besides classical guitar, I play e-guitar, bass and synths.

Since my graduation, my artistic and professional journey has grown, touching many different aspects of the creation of music, from the live and stage experience to the work in studio, from the music production to the post-production, passing through many different genres and styles: from classical to noise, from children productions to experimental, from art installation and perfomances to the industry.

For more details please check my full resume out, you can find it HERE.

sound design and composition

Big Life Journal (USA) |  "Big Life Kids" Podcast                                             |   2018-2022 |   Sound design/composition

Rebel Girls (USA)         |  "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" Podcast           |   2018-2021  |   Sound design​/composition

DeAgostini (Italy)         |   DeA Kids SkyTV Series "La Fattoria di Orlando 2"  |   2016-2017  |   Sound design

DeAgostini (Italy)         |   DeA Junior SkyTV Series "Fumbles 3"                     |   2016          |   Sound design

Azaris Film (Leipzig)     |    Klinger&Moll Filmproduktion GmbH&CoKG           |   2015          |   Sound editing

Mali Weil (Berlin)          |   Docu-series "Art Coefficient"                                 |   2013-2015  |   Sound design/composition 

Timbuktu Labs (USA)    |   iPad Timbuktu Magazine and iPad Games            |   2012-2014  |   Sound-design and composition

training & workshops

Abbey Road Institute, London   |  Advanced Diploma in Audio Post Production for Film and TV   |   2022-2023 

Absonant Training Center, Rome   |   Ableton Live: sound design and loop recording techniques   |   2021

Absonant Training Center, Rome   |   Podcast post production: mixing and mastering techniques   |   2020

Absonant Training Center, Rome   |   AVID Pro Tools 210P post production   |   2018

Dj Vibra School, Leipzig   |   Djing and music production   |   2013-2015

Civica Scuola di Musica C.Abbado, Milano  |   Guitar masterclasses by duo Maccari-Pugliese   |   2007-2011

Civica Scuola di Musica C.Abbado, Milano   |   Guitar masterclasses by Aldo Minella   |   2010 - 2011

Civica Scuola di Musica C.Abbado, Milano   |   Guitar masterclass by Sharon Isbin   |   2009

special skills

Creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, critical thinking, organisation and management, those are some of my skills. I am really good in merging different fields and know-hows and creating connections between different elements. I am also reliable and extremely precise on details and deadlines.

I love challenges and looking for different and creative solutions.

I'm always eager to learn something new. 


Italian (native), English (proficient), German (advanced)

download full resume

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