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Welcome to Big Life Kids Podcast!

Welcome to Big Life Kids Podcast!

Get ready for take-off... Big Life Kids podcast launches on May 29th. Big Life Kids teaches children to stay resilient, believe in themselves, and face life's challenges with confidence. In each episode of Big Life Kids, Zara and Leo will travel the world to discover the living heroes that are making a difference in the world today. Subscribe to Big Life Kids on your favorite podcast listening platform and sign up for our mailing list to receive an inspiring song for kids FREE! Available​ on Apple Podcast and where ever you listen to podcast Sound design and original theme music by Elettra Bargiacchi Remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel! About Big Life Journal When kids become stuck in negative self-talk or can’t push through their fear of failure, it’s hard to know how to help them. At Big Life Journal, we create engaging resources that help kids develop a resilient growth mindset so they can face life's challenges with confidence. Website: UK & EU Website: Big Life Kids Podcast Connect with Big Life Journal Facebook Facebook Group “Raising Kids with a Growth Mindset” Instagram Pinterest Twitter